Insanity is Life

. . . . . For me insanity is life. If there is no reason for our actions, let us not try to show made up reasons. Let us be mad in a world of madness. Let us be irrational for being rational is not possible. Let us not try to define what is vague but live in the vagueness that our world has to offer, live our lives to the fullest and let go of it when the time comes.

Drops of Rain

…….. When we reached our homes, we were wet to the bone, our clothes damp, water drops lingering on the tips of our hair and stupid grins stuck on our faces. We knew that we would fall ill and would be stuck in bed, but it didn’t matter. It was one if those moments when life becomes blissful and we were not going to let go of such a chance. We were determined to enjoy to our fullest. ……