With the Kites He Flew


He ran after kites.


He ran with a kite in hand.


At times you could see him

Flying some kite.


He was making new ones.


He ran across fields.

He ran through streets

With the string of the with in his hand

And its tail fluttering gracefully behind.


When the kites flew

High in the sky,

He looked straight up them

With wonder in his eyes.


All he did was think of kites.

All he dreamt was about kites.

His whole life was filled with kites.

And all he wanted was to fly with them.


High up in the sky,

Even above the clouds,

Flowing along the currents

With his arms stretched out.


One day he disappeared.

No one knew where he went.

Some say he fell off some cliff,

Some say he ran away.


But I see him flying high up in the sky

Much above the clouds

With the kites all around him,

A dazzling smile on his face and his arms stretched out.

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