Insanity is Life

Look around. What do you see? A perfectly sane world? Look carefully and think twice. Sanity is nowhere to be found.

People work like rats and mules from day to night, year after year. For what? For money? Does money help? Does money make them happy? No it doesn’t. It just poisons our whole existence. People are always running after money and are trying to protect it. Whereas on the inside, it turns them to ashes. They shed the beauty-loving side of their nature. They accept ugliness, falsehood and hideousness for beauty. They everyday give up happiness and embrace sorrow. They spend their entire lives in strict routines which have no meaning. They run in a loop that does not end till death. Why they do this I have never understood. People want happiness too. But what is happiness, no one knows. Just think of the irony. We want to achieve a concept which we do not even understand. A concept so intangible and false in nature has been driving our life force.

That’s the normal picture. Now let think about you and me. We write. Why do we write? Can you think of any good reason? Whatever we write, don’t the people already know? Then why? We write the same things in different ways make it more presentable. That is what we do. We write. We create patterns. We create rhythms. Why? Nobody knows and no one ever will. We write about relations that are imaginary. We write about pleasures that are deceptive. We think we will change the world and maybe we will. But will this have any effect on the universe? We are the inhabitants of a small planet of one of the galaxy. Whereas, there are far more galaxies out there than we can count. Our presence makes no difference and neither will our absence. The work we do, the wars we fight, the reasons we fight for and even the things I write are so tiny in comparison to the universe that all these seem meaningless. But, even then, we continue to do all these. Is this not madness?

For me insanity is life. If there is no reason for our actions, let us not try to show made up reasons. Let us be mad in a world of madness. Let us be irrational for being rational is not possible. Let us not try to define what is vague but live in the vagueness that our world has to offer, live our lives to the fullest and let go of it when the time comes.


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