I Met Him in the Rain

I was out in a deserted street. Though the sun had not set yet, the gloomy clouds turned the sky grey. A bright flash of light across the sky and a loud boom of thunder announced of the sudden shower of rain that was to arrive.

It was winter and I knew that the rain would be as friendly as of the summer when the raindrops were pleasingly cool and helped a lot to cool down the heat. This was the rain of the winter and it would pierce through you like arrows until you are as wet as one can be and you are shivering.

So, naturally, I walked down the street faster in order to find some shelter for my umbrella would not be enough to protect me. When the raindrops finally came down, I was safely seated beside a glass window inside a café, sipping coffee.

It was then I noticed his presence across the street. He had his head tucked under his shoulders and was trying to avoid the rain by huddling in a corner but one could see that he was certainly shivering. But none of the people passing by tired to help him because for them, he was just a dog.

I could not bear to see his condition, so I left my comfortable seat and was at the door in a minute. I hurried across the street and held my umbrella to him.

I do not remember how long I sat there but I remember his head on my lap and my hand on his soft fur coat. I remember him munching on the cookies from my palm. And I remember the grateful look in his eyes.

When the rain had stopped, darkness had already set in. I stood up and glanced back and saw him wagging his tail. This made me sad for I knew that I would have to leave him there for my Mom would not allow pets in the house. I did the only thing that was possible, I walked on. But to my dismay, he followed my footsteps.

I turned around and saw him standing there, his expectant eyes looking at me. It broke my heart but I was helpless. I picked up a stone. My heart started screaming and pounded its fists against my ribs. I stifled its cries and threw the stone towards him. It bewildered him more than it had hurt him. I hoped he would leave me but he didn’t and I had to throw a rock every few minutes and each time I threw a rock, it was as if someone had stabbed me.

After about following me for about half a mile when I again picked up another rock, he must have seen it in my eyes. He must have known that if I had to throw that rock, it would have broken me completely. He turned round and left without the smallest sound, his tail down. I had stood there for quite some time.

It has been a week since then. I have not talked to my mother till now. I know that this would hurt her but she has no idea what I have gone through. Eventually, I will start talking to her again, life would go back to normal. But I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive her. I would forever remember the sad look in his eyes when he had looked at me for the last time.

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