Gust of Wind She was . . .

I was sitting by the open window when the leaves suddenly started rustling. The curtain danced in the wind and kissed my face. Then suddenly, she was there. She was there in the sudden blackening of the sky. She was there in the joy of the plants dancing to her tune. She was dressed in a cloudy dress and her hair rustled about. As she saw me standing there, she came walking towards me on her light soft feet. She came right through the wind and into my arms. As she stood there in my arms, I could feel her breath on my throat and I caught the heavenly scent of her body. A little naughty smile played in her eyes. She put her fingers through my hair and messed it up. I could see that she was in a playful mood. She tilted her head to the right and I bent a little forward and finally, our lips met. It was my sweetest kiss. It felt like heaven. The sun came out from behind the sun and she left my arms. She flowed out through the window and melted away like wind which she was with a soft smile still on her lips. I stood there with the taste of lips still in my mouth and the sun scowling down at me. The sweet aurai of cool wind had brought with her the news of the upcoming monsoon and had left a taste of it in my heart. Now I wait to see her in her full-fledged form in monsoon.


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