Drops of Rain

This is a flashback from the past, maybe last June. It was the last examination of the first semester. As the last bell rang and at last, I put my pen down, there and there were joyful cheers all around. The examiner collected our answer scripts.

After he was done, I turned round and found my friends smiling. Omi had a broad smile on his face. He was to meet his girlfriend that evening. So, I wasn’t quite sure whether the smile was stuck on his face because he had aced the exam or because he was thinking of the sweet moments. Soon, Captain and Mitrè gathered around me and we shared a laugh thinking all the stupid things he would be doing on his date.

Pouring out of the examination hall, we saw that it was raining. Cool drops of rain made a clattering noise as it met the soil, the rooftops and the leaves of the trees. It was as if even the nature was so happy for us that it could not contain itself. But contrary to nature’s mood, the students around us were saying that the day was ruined. But for my friends and for me, the joy of the day had just begun. My eyes fell on their faces and I could see that they had the same idea. And before we knew it, we were treading down the path that led to the gate with the other students calling us mad and telling us that we would catch a cold. But we didn’t care.

They called us mad right? Here’s the secret- we are mad!! If you ever come across a group of teenagers hanging on the bars of a bus stop, you may be sure it is us. Yes, we are this mad.

We had umbrellas and raincoats stuffed inside our backpacks but no one put them on. We walked on with the water with the water trickling down our backs and wet spots on our clothes. In no time we were out of the school and were heading towards our homes. When we got to the road, we could see that we were the only ones out in the rain. Everywhere I looked, I could see that people were trying to avoid the rain. But we knew better, we knew how to enjoy the rain.

Life is full of miseries. It is these small beautiful moments of life that makes me want to live even after knowing that life will give me far more sorrows than happiness.

We were jumping into puddles of rainwater, splashing about, pushing each other playfully. In the midst of all this, suddenly Mitrè exclaimed, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait! Where is my other Shoe?”(I forgot to mention that he had taken his shoes off and was walking barefoot) But we never stopped because we all knew (of course, except Mitrè) that had I not picked up the shoe, it would have flowed down the road. We had a few minutes of laugh when we saw him poking at the bushes and searching in the water. But suddenly he the sight of a black object (curiously shaped like a shoe) that Omi was holding behind his back. And we stood there howling at his face. Well, this is how it went on.

When we reached our homes, we were wet to the bone, our clothes damp, water drops lingering on the tips of our hair and stupid grins stuck on our faces. We knew that we would fall ill and would be stuck in bed, but it didn’t matter. It was one if those moments when life becomes blissful and we were not going to let go of such a chance. We were determined to enjoy to our fullest.

When my Mom saw me entering the house, she went mad, “What made you do it? Have you lost your mind? STUPID BOY!! Now you would be in bed for two days.” Well, as I opened my mouth to answer, what came out was a big “ACHOOO!!


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